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Published on November 28, 2013 in Blog, Project news
We know that one of the main challenges faced by Transition Initiative (TIs) is how to get the money and resources they need to carry out their plans. We also know that a number of TIs are looking to begin some REconomy type activity, and we want to help them raise the funds they need to get this work underway.


So we are looking for a trainer who can design, develop and deliver a pilot online course that will do just this – help TIs get the resources they need for their REconomy work including money, skills and local support. This course will inform how the Transition Network might develop training and/or other things that could support any TIs to resource themselves to do just about anything (not just REconomy).

If you are a trainer, ideally with some fundraising experience in a community setting, and know something of the Transition approach then you might be just the person we need to help us develop this course – please see below for more information about the proposed course, followed by the skills and attributes of the person we would like to recruit.

If you would like to apply – details are at the end – please note the deadline is now 5pm on Friday 13th December.

About the course

Course aim

The aim is to help TIs build their capacity to secure the resources required take on some local REconomy activity, including funding, skills and local support.

This REconomy activity might be to stage an economic-themed event, to start a local currency project, to run a ‘buy local’ campaign, do an Economic Evaluation or other strategic activity for example.

This course is not designed to help people raise funds for a specific enterprise (e.g. a community energy company, or a CSA for example).

Course outcomes

By the end of the course, the participants have each defined a new REconomy project/ activity and the required resources, identified potential funders, and created and submitted at least 1 funding bid.

We will discuss issues of competition and collaboration on the course, and it’s possible that an option of a joint bid may emerge for some participants.

The general approach used here would apply to building capacity of a TI to resource any of its projects that require funding, but this course has a strong REconomy theme. As mentioned above, we hope it will inform a wider Transition support offer in 2014.

Course delivery

As the course designer, you will have input here and it’s all open to change. But at the moment, we are thinking of possibly 6 x 1.5 hour webinars (likely run every 2-4 weeks), one per module, and supported by a workbook and useful resources, with an aim to create a mutually supportive group from the attendees.  The suggested modules are here. Each module will have an activity that the participants subsequently go and complete themselves, before the next module starts – in this way we will support the creation of actual funding bids for real projects.

We would use a simple webinar tool, and freely available forum, file sharing and group technology such as google groups and drive, and would share course documents as pdfs for example – we are not using an online platform such as Moodle.

The course needs to be suitable for an international audience. A key part of the course is mentoring – we will explore the viability of finding an expert mentor from each country who would offer around 6 hours of pro-bono support to the participants, as the actual bids are shaped and submitted. This would ensure country-specific processes and funding sources are taken into account. We will do what we can to help each participant to find an appropriate mentor.

We propose that the pilot course will run with 5 x TIs (and suggest 2 people attend from each group). Ideally we will look for a mix of TIs from different countries. To find these TIs, a simple selection process would be designed and run, including for example, a potential participant outlining the REconomy project/activity they want to fundraise for.

Likely pre-requisites for course participants
  • Attendees are part of an active TI.
  • Attendees understand what we mean by REconomy activity.
  • Attendees already have some idea of a desired REconomy project/activity – this may just be starting to take shape in their mind, or be more fully formed.
  • If the attendee wants to do this course to help them resource an Economic Evaluation project, they need to have done the pre-requisites for that approach (such as this webinar) in order to have the information at hand to successfully complete this course.



Typical webinar tool used by REconomy


About the desired trainer


  • Get background and expert input from Nicola Hilary (TN fundraiser) and Fiona Ward (REconomy manager) and others.
  • Design the learning objectives, training structure and content – incorporating expert input – and create all materials.
  • Give input to the selection process used to recruit 5 x TIs for the pilot (process run by Fiona).
  • Administer and deliver the pilot course, with delivery support from Nicola at each webinar.
  • The course must be underway by the end of March 2014.
  • The role would report to Fiona Ward. Some evening working may be required especially due to likely timing of webinars.

Required skills/attributes (E is essential, D is strongly desirable):

  • E – Experience of developing and delivering training (online training skills are strongly desirable).
  • D – Experience of fundraising for, and resourcing, community projects.
  • E – Able to write and communicate clearly in English, for public consumption, in an international setting.
  • E – Evidence of ability to work alone and un-supervised, and to deliver similar work to time and within budget.
  • E – Fluent in English and with access to a reliable, high speed internet connection.
  • E – Understanding of, or connection with, Transition activity on the ground.

We know that people involved with Transition can have a strong tendency to over commit themselves, which can lead to stress and suffering for all involved! Please only apply to do this work if you are sure you have physical and emotional capacity to take it on.


We are offering a fixed price payment for delivery of this work package as defined above of £3,850. This has to include all costs including time and expenses, and any taxes like VAT. Milestone payments will be agreed. Successful applicants will be expected to provide a break down of likely cost allocation at interview. The key project activities will likely include:

  • Start-up – initial meetings and info gathering, ongoing update meetings.
  • Develop about 6 modules (research, design, develop all materials).
  • Administer pilot group, address queries etc.
  • Webinar delivery time (allow for 2 people within this budget).
  • Review and write-up.

To apply

Please send an email to Fiona Ward by 5pm on Friday 13th December 2013, explaining your interest in the role and how you meet each of the above required skills/attributes in no more than 2-3 sides of A4. Meanwhile if you have any questions, please contact Fiona.

Skype interviews will be held with a small number of candidates, and the project worker ideally selected by 19th December to begin work in early January 2014.


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