Economic enablers

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Projects & activities to help local enterprises thrive

These are projects and activities that support, or provide infrastructure for, new or existing businesses within your local economic system. Here are some mostly UK examples of economic enablers, most but not all from Transition, and covering a range of scales.  A number of these are viable enterprises in their own right.

Events & awareness-raising

Increase community ownership of land and other key assets

Build or strengthen local networks for mutual support and collaboration 

Establish support, incubation and investment services for Transition-oriented enterprises

Explore the potential to develop or strengthen local supply chains

Offer relevant training and ‘make your own work’ programmes

Explore alternative banking and means of exchange

Influence local public procurement policy in favour of local businesses

There’s quite a bit of activity in this area, though we haven’t yet come across any Transition groups directly involved in influencing local public sector spend. Meanwhile here’s a range of useful reports that might inspire you to begin…

What can help you start your own economic enabler project?

These projects, like all projects, need an aim, a clear scope, resources, a plan etc. However, we also know that ground breaking projects like these are more of an emerging process with a steep learning curve and things often change! So a balance of structure and openness to change is usually helpful.

If you need some help with setting up and running good projects, quite a few Transition groups have used the Dragon Dreaming approach to projects – workshops are run around Europe.

Many of these economic enabler projects can be quite large, involve local partners and need certain skills and resources to be in place. We are just developing a course that will help you resource your group for REconomy activity which should be available publicly mid-2014.

If your enabler project is large, or you want to do a number of these enablers in a strategic way, you might consider starting your own local REconomy Project that would co-ordinate several activities, work with partners and provide some leadership. We have developed a Primer to help you get started with these more significant projects.