Past UK regional REconomy events

Reconomy goups and Transition Initiatives have been holding events to explore and develop their local economies. Take a look at what others have been doing in the UK below and get in touch for more information.

IMG_2274Devon New Economy Gathering (April 2016)

A day to link organisers, activists, practitioners, and others working for economic change, and to hear about local and regional initiatives.
Keynote session: launched By Stewart Wallis, Senior Adviser at New Economics Foundation, ‘A new economy and how to make it happen’
Topics for discussion:

  • Relocalizing money and finance – local currencies and financial institutions
  • Food for all – affordable and local?
  • Positive Money, a Green New Deal, banking reform
  • Fostering local enterprises – Local Enterprise Forum
  • Management of land for greater equality
  • Social enterprises – why are they different and how to start them
  • Potential of the Devolution agenda

The Road From Wigan Pier - REconomy North WestREconomy North West – ‘The Road from Wigan Pier’ (Feb 2016)

The political idea of a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ is growing. But what is its purpose? What is our response? How do we benefit?
How can we shape our local Northern economies using grassroots projects, networks and ideas to inspire collective action & economic resilience?
How do how WE shape the future economy of the Northern Powerhouse
Event: REconomy North 2016 – “The road from Wigan Pier”
For more information contact: REconomy North West

PowysConfLowResPowys REconomics – REthink! RElocalise! DEcarbonise! (Oct 2015)

This conference focused on the exciting possibility of local communities transforming the economic destiny of rural mid Wales and offering opportunity and hope despite the challenges.

They considered the ways in which rural communities can create new sustainable livelihoods and enterprises and exert real influence on their local economic systems, as we look at systems of trade and exchange that are more sustainable, equitable and anchored in wellbeing, rather than economic growth at any cost.

Topics included:

  • New ways of looking at money: Positive Money and Green Economics
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars and a circular economy model of private transport provision
  • The potential role of the railway in rural economies
  • Social Enterprises and Cooperatives
  • One Planet Housing and Community Land Trusts
  • Community Renewable Energy Cooperatives

For more information contact: Powys Transition

REconomy Skills Workshop at the Transition Network Conference (Sept 2015)

transition-internations-conference15-SCREENMany Transition activists are working towards local economies and livelihoods that better support the wellbeing of their community. Some are doing this through Transition Enterprises, others are working in partnership with other organisations to shift and refocus services and local systems in support of economic change. :

For more information about this event.

For more information on the Transition Network


RE-thinking the Economic Future of Penwith (Feb 2015)

What does the Penwith Local Economic Blueprint look like? The event focused on Penwith but was designed to be useful to anyone interested in transforming economics and communities.
You can see more about the event on Transition Penwith’s site, or  write-up of the event from Rob Hopkins on the Transition Network site.

Devon Convergence: Forum for New Local Economies (Feb 2015)

The day was crafted to ensure opportunities for making new connections, sharing stories about projects and learning. The participants heard about new currencies, new ways to empower community-based enterprise, and opportunities for regional-scale cooperative enterprise. The organizers were from Transition Towns and REconomy Project, Social Enterprise Networks, Sustainability Groups and NGOs across the region.

For a video summing up the day click here.

StAndrews_poster_v7REconomy in Scotland: Reimagining your local economy (Oct 2014)

Exploring what it is to revision and change local economies in Post-Referendum Scotland.
More info about this Transition Network Roadshow event at St Andrews 

This event was part of the Transition Network Roadshow programme and is a partnership between The REconomy Project, Transition Network, Transition St Andrews, The Climate Challenge Fund.

See write up and videos in this blog from Rob Hopkins on the Transition Network site.

For more information about REconomy Project joint events, write-ups and videos click here.

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